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Chiropractic Offices in Little Rock and Benton

Chronic pain does not always improve with rest, medication and other conventional types of treatment. When you have ongoing pain or recurring pain from a sports injury, a personal injury, auto accident or a medical condition, chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy can help. Pain Care Associates offers chiropractic care in Benton and both chiropractic care and physical therapy in Little Rock, AR.

Chiropractic Treatment and Physical Therapy in Little Rock

Chiropractic adjustments offer effective ways to reduce chronic pain by correcting alignment problems in the spine. These adjustments make it possible for nutrients to get to damaged discs and help them heal. Chiropractic care can be used for back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches and pain in other areas. Our chiropractor in Little Rock performs these adjustments after determining where pain originates from. We offer different kinds of chiropractic techniques for pain relief. Each technique is considered safe and does not typically cause side effects or adverse effects other than possible mild soreness. 

Physical therapy offers another treatment method that can help ease discomfort. This type of treatment can also reduce the risk of pain coming back again by making the muscles in the affected area stronger and improving flexibility. At Pain Care Associates, our physical therapist works with patients to help them learn exercises that increase range of motion and strengthen muscles, which can help provide long-term pain relief. Our physical therapy services can be done alone or combined with chiropractic adjustments if needed. 

Chiropractic Treatment in Benton

Pain Care Associates is committed to providing our patients with high-quality care and convenience. To make it easier for patients to schedule appointments and receive the care they need, we also offer chiropractic adjustments at our Benton location. When you schedule chiropractic care, you can expect the same standards of care at this location. Our chiropractor starts by performing a thorough evaluation and recommending a course of treatment that might include chiropractic adjustments and other forms of treatment, such as physical therapy. If you need a physical therapist in Benton, please keep in mind that we offer physical therapy services at our Little Rock location. 

We encourage you to bring up any concerns or questions you have about chiropractic care and pain management techniques. Our chiropractic team does more than provide you with pain relief. We can also help you manage pain more effectively and lower your risk of having it again by offering advice on nutrition and other lifestyle changes to improve your overall well-being. 

Visit Our Benton or Little Rock Chiropractor for Pain Relief

If you suffer from chronic pain and have not been able to find relief, please contact Pain Care Associates to schedule an appointment. Our Benton or Little Rock chiropractor can perform an evaluation to find out what is causing your pain and help you find relief through chiropractic care and other forms of treatment.